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  • How can I get rid of grassy weeds?

    Grassy weeds are tough to deal with but we have a great track record of knocking them out.
    It's important to apply a pre-emergent herbicide during the first week of September but even if you miss that window, don't worry - we can attack those ugly, grassy weeds regardless of which month you start! The key to managing grassy weeds is identifying them correctly so the appropriate control product can be used.

  • Different weeds - different chemicals?

    Herbicides are chemicals that kill or alter the normal growth of weeds. They can be divided into two main groups: selective and nonselective. Selective herbicides are those that control the target weed(s) without damaging desirable turfgrass species. Nonselective herbicides kill all vegetation (including turfgrasses) and are used in lawn renovation or on weeds not controlled by selective herbicides.

  • Thy neighbor's dandelions seem to love your lawn too?

    While true, unkempt lawns next to yours may attack, there's a couple of strategies to fend them off. Of course pre/post emergent treatment is recommended along with a good fertilization routine. Another way to say,
    "Go Away!" is with a nice thick turf to choke out the bad guys (think dandelions). Thick turf is accomplished with a good fertilization routine and consistent mowing times.
    "Love thy neighbor" should apply to people, not weeds!

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Our professionals know how to handle the wide range of weed varieties that attack Texas flower beds, lawns and gardens. Whether it's hard-to-kill weeds or those nuisance weeds you don't want taking over your garden, we've got the expertise to have your yard looking immaculate once again. Our weed control services are scheduled within 7 days.
We know how to tackle any weed problem - commercial or home locations!

Our basic turf treatment program is designed for yards with St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia grass. We also offer treatments for other types of grass found in Texas which require a more customized service plan to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Important to know about us is that we have tremendous depth of knowledge and experience identifying and taking care of grubworm, sod web worms, cinch bugs and even mole crickets. Yes, there is such a thing.

We are just as experienced with plant life enemies like fungus, brown patch, grey leaf spot, and matter-of-fact named problems called, "take all patch" and "take all root rot", too! Unless you do it full time, it is easy to misidentify what your landscape needs help with and perhaps worse, applying the wrong treatment plan. Leverage our knowledge. We can help.


Early Spring Pre/Post emergent treatments for active weeds and deter any new ones
Late Spring Fertilization and more Pre/Post emergent treatments to jump start growth and green things up
Early Summer Pre/Post emergent, fertilizer and weed control product to keep your yard looking pretty
Mid Summer Spot treatments for any determined weeds plus fertilizer makes for a healthy and beautiful yard
Late Summer Another application of fertilization and spot treatments for weeds keeps it green and growing
Early Fall Continued fertilization and emergent treatments stimulates root growth before the cold kicks in
Late Fall Final pre/post-emergent and fertilizer applications for fall weeds and prep the yard for dormancy
Grub Control Apply micro-nutrients to ensure healthy growth and help fight off pests and diseases


Round 1 Pre/Post emergent treatments for active weeds and deter any new ones in your flowerbed
Round 2 Apply fertilizer and micro-nutrients plus spot treatments to really stimulate the environment
Round 3 Post emergent and Bermuda grass spot treatment to keep your flowerbed nice
Round 4 Insecticide treatment for aphids, scales etc. plus a spot treatment for weeds
Round 5 Another insecticide and spot treatments to maintain a beautiful flowerbed
Round 6 Continued fertilization and micro-nutrients plus pre-emergent before winter