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Green and verdant lawns are great backdrops for picnics, time with the kids, or just relaxing on. Keeping your lawn in that vibrant state takes work. At Anointed, we know every lawn is different and requires different things to stay picturesque. Our professional lawn care team will ensure your lawn looks its best all year long. Don't try to do it alone, call the professionals!


Nice Lawns We've built a reputation in Burleson and throughout Texas for quality lawn care services. We take every factor into account: from weather and grass and soil types to preferred grass height to ensure you love how your lawn looks. We will work with you to create a schedule of services that will maintain your yard.
Weed and Pest Control Part of any good lawn care regimen is keeping insects, pests and unwanted growth under control. Our professional team can rid your yard of any unsightly weeds or insects with ease. We offer pre-emergence herbicide to prevent crab grass from taking over your lawn. We'll ensure your family and pets are safe as we fix the problem, and we offer affordable options for any budget. Take back your yard and enjoy it!
Yard Care While we're well known for our lawn care services, we offer a variety of other yard care services as well. From topiary design to discounted spring clean up and trimming, pest control and holiday lighting. We can get the job done right!


We take pride that our relationships with our customers and with our employees are rooted in trust and integrity.

  • We make lawn care convenient for you
  • We are loyal to our customers
  • We get the job done right — the first time


  • Should I water after a treatment?

    We recommend no watering for at least 8hrs after a weed and/or fertilization treatment so that the lawn can absorb the control material.

  • How tall should my grass be?

    This depends on type of grass and season For example, Bermuda should be maintained around 2" in summer. If the ground is really uneven, it can be maintained a bit taller to prevent scalping. St. Augustine should be maintained around 3-3.5" plus about an inch more in summer. You should never remove more than a third of the turfgrass at any one time unless you are scalping. Scalping should only be done early Spring to remove dormant growth or late Fall to overseed.

  • How often should the lawn be mowed?

    There are so many variables to consider - the overall shape of the lawn, weather and type of grass. The short answer? As often as required to maintain desired height. Remember, you should never remove more than a third of the height unless for specific purposes. You want a consistent height so be wary of letting it get too tall then chopping a good percentage of it off.