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Anointed Landscaping is here to solve your standing water and backyard drainage problems. If you're experiencing a minor or severe puddle problem in your front or backyard, attracting mosquitoes and other pests, it's time to contact the professionals. We can restore your lawn to its former glory with a drainage system that efficiently redirects surface and groundwater away from your home.


Drainage Relief Services Does your lawn turn into a swamp after a rainfall? Not only does it look unpleasant, it also threatens ruining your landscape by killing grass and other plants. Our team of experts understand the dynamics of lawn drainage and can provide reliable solutions. We can excavate, repair drains and even install new ones if necessary.
Standing Water Standing water spells trouble for your yard and potentially your home's foundation. Following excessive rainfall, your yard may resemble a swampy bog without a proper drainage system. Save your lawn and plants from drowning by contacting us today to solve your poor drainage problem. We have the experience and expertise to solve any drainage issue!
French Drains French drains are a fantastic solution to poor drainage and soggy yards. They're also useful to remedy driveways that continually wash out, to protect your home's foundation and basement and for retaining walls. For more information on how French drains can benefit your landscape, contact our skilled team today!